Really, it's a lot more fun in the Philippines...especially when you visit the CARAGA region! 

The Philippines is such a marvelous place for tourists, with lots of destinations that are surely worth the adventure. There are lots of beautiful communities in the North - the National Capital Region. For one, there's this breathtaking view of Taal Lake with its volcano island in the middle.

And when you're done exploring the north, go down south and experience a totally different, awesome and fun experience. The place you'll see will have you thinking you should have brought a bigger memory card for your cameras!

A little about...

The CARAGA region

Adventure knows no boundaries in Caraga Region, the country’s newest geopolitical subdivision. If you are seeking a challenging experience, or simply an escapade from the humdrum of urban living, venture no more... CARAGA is it.

Visit Magkawas Falls

A five-minute hike from the national highway, Magkawas Falls is an eco-destination that offers a gradual acceleration of nature’s beauty. This wonderful waterfalls irresistibly makes one want to take a refreshing dip. Especially in the summer!

Visit Campamento Cave

Campamento Cave located in the interior portion near Daniog river and Silop Spring at Silop, Agsam-Gamuton, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur is a naturally preserved structure that Lanzanhons (the people in the area) are very proud of.

Visit Magpupungko Beach

Located in Pilar, Siargao Island wherein the famous International Game Fishing Tournament is being held every year. Magpupungko beach is situated in a cove facing the Pacific, the place is surrounded by limestone and granite sculptures.

Visit Sohoton Cove

Sohoton cove is situated in Bucas Grande Island, also a part of Siargao Island. This enchanting cave is half-submerged in water most of the time and accessible only during low tide.

Visit Agusan Marsh

This mystical wetland in the northeastern part of CARAGA, is the largest marshland in the Philippines, holding up to 15% of the country’s freshwater.

Visit Lake Mainit

Lake Mainit is Agusan del Norte’s icon, situated 80 meters above sea level with a mean depth of 128 meters, it is a confluence of 28 rivers. It is the 4th biggest lake in the Philippines and the most pristine.

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Featured Destinations

Places you should check out in the CARAGA region of the Philippines!